The Washoe Cultural Resources Advisory Council (WCRAC) is a citizen council serving as the advisory council to the Cultural Resource Department and Tribal Council on Cultural Affairs. WCRAC composition, Chairperson, Vice-chair and Secretery Treasurer and tribal members at large. The WCRAC has a Charter, Meeting Protocols, Code of Conduct as their guidance 

WCRAC s comprised of Washoe elders and seniors representing each Washoe community and Off Reservation

The WCRAC meets once a month and more if needed

  1. When: First Tuesday of the month
  2. Time: 1:00 PM
  3. Where: Cultural Resource Department at 1662 Highway 395, Suite 103, Minden, Nevada 89423 

The WCRAC is the trusted source of cultural knowledge with members as fluent Washoe speakers. They are a valuable and irreplacible asset of the tribe. WCRAC participates in the consultation process with the THPO. They participate in field trips to archeological sites and provide advice on projects that may impact an archeological site. The WCRAC provides the guidance and advice critical to the Cultural Department. The WCRAC members volunteer their time to assist with traditional activities and help others to maintain the cultural connection.

With direction by the WCRAC, the culture, language, people and environment are instrinsically intertwined as a whole and difficult to separate one from the other. This worldview is the fundamental foundation as a common thread holding everything together for the continuation of the culture.