Huŋa me heši miw! This is just a little reminder that after school language classes have resumed. We are presently working in Dresslerville after school program which is currently located at CC Meneley Elementary School. Language renewal is a community effort and beginning with children is a great start. Please call our office at 775-782-0010 ex 52205 if you would like to have your child attend language classes. Classes are Monday – Thursday from 3:30-5:00 with homework instruction to start. We do work in conjunction with education after school program so they will be required to do their homework first unless stated by a parent that they wish for their child to stay strictly for language. Please call Mischelle or Lisa to sign your child up! Arrangements must be made for your child to be picked at 5:00 as no transportation is available.

Language is like a well-tended fire. It can burn brightly …If not, like a neglected fire, it can die out.