Elder Abuse Code Tribal Forum

When: April 28, 2017
Where: Dresslerville Elder Center
Time: 1:00 pm—3pm
Why: To receive on-reservation tribal member input, community member, and elder feedback on criminalizing elder abuse in Washoe Country.


**Provide the Tribal Prosecutor and Legal Department with your input.**

If the elder in your family is unable to attend, please ask them to write a letter stating their concerns about elder abuse on the Washoe Tribe’s Reservations.

This announcmenet is to inform the Washoe Tribal membership of recent changes to Title 4, Criminal Procedures.

  1. Washoe Tribe Resolution Number 2017-03-WTC-027 provides that one-hundred (180) days is allowed to provide defendants in the Washoe Tribal Court for a jury trial, amended from sixty (60) days. Amended Title 4, § 4-010-030(h).
  2. Washoe Tribe Resolution Number 2017-03-WTC-028 provides that defendants charged with offenses who face incarceration of more than six (6) months are entitled to a jury trial. Amended Title 4, § 4-60-020(1).
  3. Washoe Tribe Resolution Number 2017-04-WTC-047 provides that any person who is a party in any civil or criminal trial may represent himself/herself or be represented by those persons described in Title 1, § 1-80-020. This changes the requirement that the Washoe Tribe pay for attorneys for indigent defendants, in compliance with the Indian Civil Rights Act, a federal law, 25 USC § 1302(a)(6) . Amended Title 4, § 4-10-030(c).

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Tribal Prosecutor, Legal Department, or Tribal Court Clerk.

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