Notice of Changes to Criminal Procedure

This announcmenet is to inform the Washoe Tribal membership of recent changes to Title 4, Criminal Procedures.

  1. Washoe Tribe Resolution Number 2017-03-WTC-027 provides that one-hundred (180) days is allowed to provide defendants in the Washoe Tribal Court for a jury trial, amended from sixty (60) days. Amended Title 4, § 4-010-030(h).
  2. Washoe Tribe Resolution Number 2017-03-WTC-028 provides that defendants charged with offenses who face incarceration of more than six (6) months are entitled to a jury trial. Amended Title 4, § 4-60-020(1).
  3. Washoe Tribe Resolution Number 2017-04-WTC-047 provides that any person who is a party in any civil or criminal trial may represent himself/herself or be represented by those persons described in Title 1, § 1-80-020. This changes the requirement that the Washoe Tribe pay for attorneys for indigent defendants, in compliance with the Indian Civil Rights Act, a federal law, 25 USC § 1302(a)(6) . Amended Title 4, § 4-10-030(c).

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Tribal Prosecutor, Legal Department, or Tribal Court Clerk.

Last modified on Wednesday, 19 April 2017 22:19