The Washoe Tribe is comprised of four officially recognized communities or colonies; the Carson Colony, Dresslerville Colony, Stewart Community, and the Woodfords Community.

The Constitution and Bylaws of the Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California stipulates that each Community Council shall be responsible for improving the welfare of the members of their respective community and has authority for all aspects of governance not explicitly granted to the Tribal Council.

The council members for each community are;

Carson Colony

Gary Nevers, Chairman
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Chad Malone, Vice-Chairman
Ellen Fillmore, Secretary-Treasurer


Dresslerville Colony

Rueben Vasquez, Chairman
Willie Smokey, Vice-Chairman
Elvia McDonald, Secretary-Treasurer
Jullie Barr, Councilwoman
Lisa Christensen, Councilwoman



Stewart Community

Jacqueline Steele, Chairman
Stan Smokey, Vice-Chariman
Darrel D. Kizer, Secretary-Treasurer


Woodfords Community

Irvin Jim, Chairman
Deirdre Jones-Flood, Vice-Chairman
Geoff Ellis, Councilman