Mission Statement:

To enhance the lives of American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) individuals and families by fostering growth and providing a positive learning environment at school and in the community to overcome barriers and ensure academic success. 


Education Administration

Constance Barnes MA, Education Director

1246 Waterloo Lane 

Gardnerville, NV 89460

Phone: (775) 782-6320 Cell: (775) 790-7513 Fax: (775) 782-6892


Alpine County

Roxann Mossholder, Education Lead

Cell: (775) 434-9433

Lori PasquaPre-College Advisor

Cell: (775) 309-3674


Diamond Valley School, (530) 694-2238

Bridget Koos-Tutor


Carson County

Rhonda Roth, Education Lead

Cell: (775) 309-7043

Sarah Blase Pre-College Advisor 

Cell: (775) 430-1595


Bordewich Elementry (775) 283-2400

Aaron Thacker, Education Advisor 


Fritsch Elementry (775) 283-1400

Janet Wiley, Education Advisor


Fremont Elementry (775) 283-1200

Janet Wiley, Education Advisor


Mark Twain Elementry (775)283-1000

Janet Wiley, Education Advisor


Seeliger Elementry (775) 283-2200

Rhonda Roth, Education Lead


Carson Middle School (775) 283-2800

Jan McEwen, Education Advisor 

Lavina Roach, Tutor 


Eagle Valley Middle School (775) 283-2600

Silvia Bulmer -Education Advisor


Carson High School (775) 283-1600

Julie Axelson, Education Advisor

Blain Osorio, Tutor



Douglas County

Roxann Mossholder, Education Lead

Cell: (775) 434-9433

Lori Pasqua, Pre-College Advisor

Cell: (775) 309-3674


C.C. Meneley Elementry (775) 265-3154

Cheryl Villanueva, Education Advisor

Brittany Bill, Education Advisor


Scarselli Elementry (775) 265-2222

Vacant, Education Advisor


Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School (775) 265-6100

Barbara Garcia, Education Advisor

Roxann Mossholder, Education Lead


Douglas High School (775) 782-5136

Bill Simpson, Education Advisor

Vacant, Education Advisor